An Introduction To Private

Blog Networks

Private blog networks (PBNs) are considered a mixed bag by many site owners. While some speak to their power to make a site rank higher, others consider them to possess risks that site owners would rather avoid. Here, we take a look at what PBNs are, and why using one is not such a bad idea after all.

What Is A Private Blog Network (PBN)?

To put it simply, a private blog network (PBN) is a set of site domains that you own. It does not matter if you host the blogs yourself or if the blogs are hosted freely through services such as WordPress. However, free blogs are not as good as their self-hosted alternatives, luckily, the latter alternative does not usually cost much.
Basically, you create a private blog network by purchasing expired domains that already had visitors, content, and backlinks. These domains cost a few dollars, just as much as you would pay to register a new domain.
PBNs differ considerably from public blog networks. With public blog networks, you can buy links and guest posts, but so can anybody else, which makes the odds that Google will flag these links as inappropriate monumentally higher. In fact, Google has been known to deindex links to public blog networks, which is why any blogger who wants to be on the safe side needs to rely on private blog networks.

Why We Use Private Blog Networks

Backlinks are still very important when it comes to perceived site quality. Sites with more links get better rankings because they imply that the site offers valuable content, which is something Google takes very seriously. But, it is not always easy to get good backlinks for your site, which is where PBNs come in. They allow you to use the powerful backlinking feature in a more convenient manner.
Google considers sites with many links to be more authoritative. More importantly, with a PBN network, you are using links to sites that have not just been launched, but sites that have been around for a while, possess a decent amount of content, and were probably ranked fairly well before their owners let the domains them expire.
Another reason you should use private blog networks is the fact that they work superbly. Very few alternative backlinking techniques deliver results that are just as good. The use of PBNs just works. Many people trying to use PBNs are trying to improve search engine rankings on their money sites, which would not rank highly otherwise. PBNs are able to deliver great results, and without having to go through the hustles that come with most alternative backlinking techniques.


To some, using PBNs may seem like a hit-and-miss search engine optimisation strategy, but if used properly, a private blog network could do wonders to your sites ranking on Google. PBNs actually offer a few benefits over other backlinking techniques. For one, you can control the content you link to because you own these domains. Above all, PBNs can raise your sites ranking on Google substantially, a feat very few search engine optimisation tactics can offer.

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