The Essentials Of Building a

Private Blog Network (PBN)

Using backlinks remains to be one of the best ways to boost your Google rankings. There are many ways to create backlinks for your site, including building a private blog network (PBN). Unfortunately, Google frowns upon the creation of PBN networks, despite the fact that, when used right, they can considerably boost your site’s ranking at a very affordable cost. So, here are a few essentials to note when creating a private blog network (PBN) to ensure it turns out to be a good thing for your site, and not a nightmare that lowers your current search engine rankings.

Essentials Of Building a Private Blog Network

There are a couple of things to look out for when building a private blog network to ensure it gives you its intended benefits. Firstly, don’t put all your domains on the same IP address, as this can draw attention to your site, turning your backlinking project on its head. PBNs largely contravene Google regulation on search engine optimisation policies. You should also keep in check the number of backlinks that come from your private blog network. It is fine to link to as many sites possible, within reason. Every couple of sentences of content should not have a link to an external site, that would amount to over-optimisation, something you should avoid entirely. The PBN backlinks on your site should all be relevant to the content you are offering on the website. If you link to unrelated content, the PBN backlinks strategy will backfire since Google will take note and conclude that you operate a low quality site. Also, look at the keywords on the links as well as the anchor text on the links to ensure that they are related to the general theme of your site. It is also important to ensure that all the domains in your network are not registered on the same day, using the same registration details, or to the same host to avoid attention from search engines. As mentioned earlier, creating a PBN to create better site ranking is not something Google likes, which means you can’t register the blogs in your network in a manner that would call attention to that fact. This also means you have to avoid using the same analytics code on all the sites, or posting content on the same day, or duplicating content across the various blogs in your network, that would reveal that you are using a PBN, which you should avoid. That said, it is also very important that your blog network does not make it obvious that you are simply using the strategy for its backlinking benefits, even if the registration of the domains conceal the fact that you own the domains in question. This means that you have to make the domains you link to feel like ‘real’ websites, otherwise, you may go under Google’s radar.


The essentials of building a private blog network revolve around ensuring that Google considers the PBN domains you link to as genuine links that add to the credibility of your site. Doing anything that hints that you have created a PBN as a backlink strategy will get your site in trouble with Google. The above essentials demonstrate what it takes to create a PBN network that offers its intended benefits in full and keeps you out of trouble with search engines.

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